Vince Stanzione explains how to get more done in less time and how to got down on distractions.Based on the author’s firsthand experience of bootstrapping himself out of failure, Vince Stanzione’s new book The Dropout Millionaire is for anyone who wants to learn the secrets for increasing their income and their standard of living. Divided into three sections, Stanzione shares how one can take control of their life, learn how to make more money, and how be smart with their successes.

"I love this quote from Confucius, ‘Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.’If like millions of others you know deep down that you deserve to do better than where you are today, than this book is for you,” says Stanzione. “Not a book based on old fashion theories or textbook scenarios, The Dropout Millionaire is instead based on tried and tested methods of increasing personal skills, increasing your wealth, improving your life-style and releasing all the personal power that is locked up inside you.”

Through a series of practical steps, Stanzione discusses how the secrets of making money from virtually anywhere, using technology, automation, and outsourcing to create income without a conventional job or commute and ways to make money go further, with money-saving tips, including:

Applying the 80/20 Rule
In essence, the rule predicts that 20% of your time, resources, services or products will earn you 80% of your revenue. In real terms, it means that most people are wasting about 80% of all their efforts!
Why Trading your Time for Money is a Bad Idea
Time is a precious resource, and one of the few we have which is truly finite. Yet many of us trade it in vast chunks for a meager annual salary. Successful people know that ‘time-equals-money’ is a myth. They figure out ways to automate their earnings. So whilst they’re on holiday, travelling, at leisure and asleep, money is being made on their behalf.
How to Market your Business
These days, the most effective marketing is often online and free. All you need is a little time, and the willingness to learn some new skills.
How to Buy Profit-Spinning Websites and Domain Names
Rich people buy assets – i.e. things that make them money, including real estate, businesses and information products like books that generate royalties. Today, real estate is more than just bricks and mortar. Real estate can be a profitable website and/or a domain name.
How to Reprogram Your Mind for Success
Many of us are held back by negative comments and childhood experiences. Imagine your brain is a computer memory stick. When you were born, it was blank. Everything had to be learned. So how can we reprogram our mind and stop past negativity from affecting our lives?
How to Add Fifty Cents to Every Dollar
Once you learn to get the maximum bang for your buck, you will realize that by spending wisely, you are effectively earning more money—but without working harder.
How to Get a Discount on (almost) Anything
Getting the most for your money is JUST as important as making it and everyone should know how to get great discounts on day-to-day purchases.

Stanzione’s proven methods can help anyone join the ranks of those who are living a lifestyle others only dream about—those who are not only rich financially but also in time and fulfillment.

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