Time lapse of Elijah building the haunted house. I started out 1 pic every minute, then figured that that was too little, so then I switched angles and did 1 every 10 seconds. It was all consuming for him for 2 days. He'd wake up at 6am, work on it, go to school, come home, do whatever homework or activities and in every spare second, he would work on it until bedtime. He was finally done this morning and the only help he got was in the beginning of the roof, he didn't put a couple of pieces in the right places so I fixed it for him. I didn't get every second of him building, but about 80% of it.

If you look closely, you can see:
* Musubi eating
* His shirt on backwards
* Yogurt eating
* Me fixing the roof for him
* Teeth brushing
* Glasses on/glasses off
* Dark/light
* Milk drinking
* Him inspecting the box (on the couch) so that he knows what it will look like when he's done.
* What looks like nose picking
* Showing grandma his progress
* Showing daddy his progress
* Showing rowan his progress

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