Shawn Whisenant has been a good friend and an inspiration to myself for over the past 8 months. A local to the Bay Area sense the mid 90's, Shawn has witnessed first hand the on going progression of the skateboarding community in San Francisco and the monumental legends that formed the backbone of what street skateboarding has become today. His creative eye, both on an off the board, shines endlessly through his photographs, capturing the true feeling of what it is like to live the life of an artist and a skateboarder in San Francisco today. Unlike any of the other photographers in this series, Shawn's photography sheds light on a sometimes very dark city, producing the vibrant feeling of the streets that we skate from day to day.

Ben Gore is most known for his stylistic and creative abilities on a skateboard, but in recent years his photographs have risen to the respectable level of his skill set on the board and have formulated their own position in the world of street photography. Selective in what he skates on a day to day basis, Ben's eye for creativity and beautiful imagery bleeds through his photographs as it does in his style of skateboarding.

Filmed By:
Jarod Taber

Super 8 Footage By:
Jarod Taber
Shawn Whisenant

Edited By:
Jarod Taber

Chris Taylor
Brandon Getty

Music By:
Ernie and the Top Notes: "Dap Walk"
Night Beats: "Puppet on a String"

Presented By:
Desillusion Magazine
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The Sleeping Horse
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View Finder Productions

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