On this Show, we discussed the Bridging International Healing Art Project and showed some of the many, many, magical and wondrous pieces, from all over the world and from all ages, colors and creeds, that have already arrived at the Foundation facilities.

The Bridging Heaven & Earth International Healing Art Project came as a vision, as a dream, as a mechanism for healing the Heart of the Planet....as an acupuncture for the Planet.....by having so many amazing people, of any age, any skill level, any format, any size, any medium, as on-going, infinite and inclusive, with no deadlines or time frames, no paperwork (in effect helping to set a new paradigm) manifest a new, original piece based on the theme, " Bridging Heaven & Earth".

The Seventh Annual International Healing Art Project Show was taped as one of the amazing shows during Bridging's Twenty-Second Season. On this wonderful show, Allan, again with great passion and inspiration, talks about the Healing Art Project, the art, the artists, the vision it came from, the importance, the value, the new paradigm, read messages that came through the artists during their creative process, etc....and shows many of the magical pieces that had been sent from all over the world based on the theme, "Bridging Heaven & Earth" and dedicated to the Infinite and the Inclusion and the Oneness and the Love.

With collaborating artists from all over the world being represented, this Seventh Annual International Healing Art Project Show showed new pieces of wondrous art manifestations from Doina Cublesan, Alan Kent, Larkin Chollar, Aliza McCracken, Paul Anthony Barber, Billy Howard, Margaret G. Wilson, Teresa Russell, Ronay Bliven, Therese Jeunhomme, Monika Ryker, Sean Granger Thomas, Ann Essance, Grace Garneau, Cynthia Perreault Joeris, Pamela Cail, Sheri Armor, Sila Velez, and Sui-NK (Nandita Kumar), as well as blow-ups of the front and back covers of the International Healing Art Book. We also featured a beautiful art/music video by esteemed artist/collaborator, Bianca.

Bridging's Healing Art Website is:


The Bridging Art Project is, simply:

"a world-wide energy amplifying process using art and the collective energies of many.....basically it is that each artist produces an all-new (so it is fresh, spontaneous and NOW) work of art (painting, sculpture, collage....anything that comes through them) based on the theme " Bridging Heaven & Earth "....the collective energies of so many unbelievable, creative, people, from all over the world thinking, meditating on, and manifesting Bridging Heaven & Earth " will be huge......

Then we will put the art on the Bridging television show that goes out all over the U.S. to over 150 cities and is shown on YouTube, Vimeo, etc. We will put all pieces on our extraordinary Healing Art website and feature them in the Bridging newsletter....gallery openings, shows at beautiful venues.....it's all open, inclusive, and infinite.....

Also, whatever we sell the art for will be split with the artist and the Bridging Foundation so each individual artist, as well as the Foundation, will be supported.....

That's it, in short.....the response has been unbelievable....

Check out the Bridging Healing Art Project Site at HeavenToEarthArt.com to see some of the truly amazing world-renowned artists (and all others of all ages and skill levels) who have joyously joined the Bridging Heaven & Earth Art Project. We are very excited......and would welcome anyone who desires to be part of the Healing Art Project to contact us.......

Remember: The intention of the Bridging Heaven & Earth International Healing Art Project is to spread/enliven the vibration of Love--that is the Heart of the Project......"

To get a better "feel" for the Healing Art Project, you might also want to watch the Fifth Annual Healing Project Show # 263 at:


and Bridging Show # 286: the Sixth Annual Healing Project Show: at:


It makes a big difference when you hear Allan talk about the Healing Art Project and when you see all the amazing art manifestations from all over the Globe!!!

Bridging's International Healing Art Project Website is:


Bridging's Website is:


and Bridging's YouTube Channel is:


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