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Pavel Zoch here teaches Maxon Cinema4D SCULPTING volume one. This lesson has 2 main thrusts: All C4D Sculpting Tools AND a sculpt-to-retopo workflow.

c4d pyrocluster matrix tornado

c4d sculpting

c4d everything series
vol ONE
vol TWO

c4d mograph particle fx

About Pavel Zoch, Ph.D.

Pavel Zoch (ing. Ph.D.) is a Czech independent artist and Maxon CINEMA 4D generalist that has been working CINEMA 4D help desk (for Czech and Slovak republics) and freelance for more than 10 years. Pavel has written many hundreds of articles on CINEMA 4D, hundreds hours of video tutorials and made a czech version of Maxon CINEMA 4D. You can see Pavel's work from the official Maxon brochures and others Maxon Promotional content.

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