Racial Profiling Description:
The topic that no one wants to talk about, is the topic that we most need to discuss. My theory is that the reason people shun the topic, or pretend that it doesn't exist is because they are afraid of their own part in the process, or their feelings of inadequacy to debate the topic without offending someone.
Its like…talking about religion. We're told that its socially unacceptable to bring the topic up in public, yet we've seen the dire consequences of not talking about it. The fear and anger that arises is often devastating.
I was listening to a PSA the other day, which I'll play a clip of momentarily about a young teenage, African American who was profiled and arrested and later found innocent. And of course we are all familiar with the TREYVON MARTIN MURDER occurred last year in South Florida.

Gallery Images enclosed:
Civil Rights Leaders, racial profiling, social justice, Martin Luther King, African American portrait, The March on Washington, Bill of Rights, Integration W.E.B. Dubois, Alice Paul, Phillip Randolph, Aaron Douglas, George Madison, James Bevel, Betty Friedan, John Peters Humphrey, Victoria Woodhull, Jack Herer, Langston Hughes, Adam Clayton Powell, Joan Boaz, Alice Paul, Bayard Rustin, Betty Firedan, George Mason, Poitier, Belafonte, Reverend Jim Bevel

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