Are you stupid enough to

- invade
- occupy
- terrorize
- murder
- torture
- destroy
- pollute
- blackmail
- insult
- lie
- steal
- rape
- bomb
- maim
- abduct
- imprison
- threat
- loot


- the Zionist scum and their dreams of a Greater Israel
- the Petrodollar
- fat no-bid contracts for KBR/ Halliburton/ Blackwater/ etc.
- the Military-Industrial Complex
- insider trading
- unmetered oil for Cheney and his terror fucks
- drug profits for the CIA to fill its black budgets
- a big distracting spectacle for slimy politicians
- a nationalistic binge for braindead zombies that jerk off to the flag


Haven't learned a single thing from

- Vietnam
- Lebanon
- Haiti
- Cuba
- Laos
- Dominican Republic
- Cambodia
- Nicaragua
- El Salvador
- Libya
- Grenada
- Honduras
- Chad
- Iran
- Bolivia
- Panama
- Colombia
- Philippines
- Iraq
- Yugoslavia
- Somalia
- Sudan
- East Timor
- Afghanistan
- Yemen
- Djibouti
- Georgia
- Kenya
- Ethiopia
- Pakistan
- Nigeria
- Uganda
- Syria


Well, then become

- a poisoned, irradiated, castrated cripple with PTSD
- a guinea pig for Big Pharma
- a suicidal mental wreck
- a bit of grit in a losing war of attrition
- a ghoul haunted by his guilt and memories
- a pile of meat on a landfill
- a total failure


WARTORP is about absurd hypocrisy, capitalist media propaganda, bizarro lies, asinine rationalizations, the spectacle, all-encompassing simulacra, industrialized brainwashing, widespread insanity, fascist mainstreaming, omnicidal mind control.

Become a crippled terrorist

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Marines war wars fallen hit crippled impotent soldier soldiers terror terrorism bombing rape torture Iraq Afghanistan IED "roadside bombs" veterans "winter soldiers" invasion occupation ambush ethics injustice perversion society philosophy insanity ad advertising consumerism absurd hypocrisy capitalist capitalism media propaganda bizarro lies spectacle simulacrum industrialized brainwashing omnicidal mind control "mind control"

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