In March 2013 I spend the month on NOAA Ship Nancy Foster mapping marine habitats together with a small crew of fellow NOAA scientists in the newly established Northeast Grand Reserve outside Puerto Rico. This video is a first cut of the material that I collected during my down time on the ship to show you a little glimpse of life and work on the ocean.

Thanks to the ship crew who let me poke around with my camera and also set up the surveillance style time laps photography. Thanks also to Will Sauter who remixed most of the music used, and who shared the risk of using his GoPro camera, in addition to my own GoPro, to capture unique footage of the ROV working under water.

Disfrutar de la película!

Disclaimer: Any views/opinions expressed in this movie are those of the individuals or the producer, not NOAA, the United States Government or its agents, or CSS-Dynamac

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