A short film giving an insight into the lives of people closely associated and dedicated to the vinyl record, the nostalgia it evokes in them, and what it is about this material that has led them into careers centered around it, despite the immense risks attached.

Directed, Produced & Edited by
Alexander Macdonald

Shot by
Jim Smith

Zander Mavor

Interviewees in order of appearance:

Ashley 'Donga' Marlowe - 'Well Rounded Records' / 'Well Rounded Vinyl Vendors'
facebook.com/WellRoundedRecs / facebook.com/WellRoundedVinylVendors

Henry Bainbridge - 'Dub Studio'
dubstudio.co.uk / facebook.com/dubstudio

Chris Farrell - 'Idle Hands'
idlehandsbristol.com / facebook.com/idlehandsbristol

Joe Hatt & Adrian Dutt - 'Howling Owl Records'
howlingowlrecords.com / facebook.com/HowlingOwlRecords

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