Warning, some mild CG Nudity.

This time I used Dxtory 2.0 for 58-60fps capture (Camtasia and Fraps are terrible at 1280x800 60fps capture). The new video is a little smoother but Camera work can be nauseating to some.

More of the same, semi-nude female models. I recommend viewing in VR with the Rift for full immersion!

*These are VERY early prototype tests. Flat shaded unprocessed full-body scans.

The last pose at the end has been cleaned from artifacts, yet still only using basic shading. I have hit a brick wall with UDK. I wish, wish, WISH Marmoset already supported the Rift! I could some incredible things with that app and these models.. here's to dreaming!

If you have the time to comment, thanks! and *please be respectful to the model Joceline Brooke-Hamilton who is featured in the video* She is an incredible international adult model and dancer.

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