Work in progress. Animation needs some cleaning up and sound still to come. My second dome film, and first animation guys! Whoa...

Mal-Aimés is an ongoing multi-media project that I started almost two years ago. I wrote a manuscript, have done performances, and am now making digital dome shorts to eventually be a full length digital dome film.

"Before she was even born a curse was put upon her."
Aimée is to never be loved.

Aimée searches the expansive depths of the universe in search of a counter spell, wholeheartedly believing all of time and space is simply too vast for one not to exist.
Along the way she encounters good and evil of all kinds.
But none of whom can affect matters of the heart.

Glass Houses is the story of an entity that Aimée encounters, twins that communicate as one. They live in a mansion built of glass. They hold the key to darkness and evil, believing that if they keep it within their glass box the rest of the universe can live in light and goodness. Aimée visits them to plea that they release the raven back into all dimensions. That the dove can not live without him and there is no balance, thus no true good.

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