A Big thanks to the people at OMSI for giving me this Opportunity.
This video is the source material for a projection mapping installation that was projected onto a custom built Projection "screen" surface presented at OMSI's 2013 Gala auction event the final live video can be found below.


Song By: Reid Willis "Bloom"

Video Editing and overall installation concept and design was completed by Andrew Mark with help from many.

Video Credits
Thanks to House of Radon
for allowing me to use Footage from their documentary "Press Pause Play"
Directors – David Dworsky & Victor Köhler
Director of Photography – Hannes Isaksson

All videos used that were marked under the Creative Commons Attribution license starting with Name of Vimeo user and Title of video.

Anticipate Media
“Mykim (Trailer)”

Christian Clavadetscher
“4 season timelapse”

DaffsWorkshop Motion Timelapse
“Motion TimeLapse / Latvia-Jelgava”

Dustin Kukuk
“Bisti Badlands / Canon EOS 7D”

Rainer Frick
“Rice 'n' Beans - A shortfilm about happiness”

Kim Holm
“Matta - Release The Freq”

Noble Denim
“Noble Denim: Our Story”

Fred & Farid Group

Gustavo Amarante

Hélène Park
“Cults "Go Outside"”

Mickey Todiwala

On And On Record
“Hocus Pocus Feat. Oxmo Puccino - Clip "Equilibre"”

Eugenia Loli
“Golden Gate Bridge timelapse”
“Sausalito's Waters”

“VW Golf GTI - Out Of This World”

Zhuokang Jia
“White Southwest Timelapse”

Christian Clavadetscher
“4 season timelapse”

“One dream of forgotten journey”

Matt McClain

Mister Jo
“Hong Kong: Funky Time Lapse”

*safe solvent™

Chris Harris
“Ellis Cycles”

Winter in Freiburg (Tilt-Shift-Video)

Moscow Metrostroy (English version)

Florian Gruenberger

Lucas Harger:
“The Guitar Maker”

Pedro Sousa

Toshiyuki Kuwata
“Don't Close Your Eyes”

Vincent Trijard:
“Purity Ring - Lofticries Music video”

Ivan McClellan:
“Shadows on Stars, Roseland Ballroom, Portland, Oregon December 3, 2012”

James Cohen:
“Portland Steel Bridge Timelapse”

Litmus Creative Group
“S.E. 28th and Burnside, Portland Oregon”

“Kanye West - Runaway Short”

If you noticed your video in this mashup or think that I might have missed a reference please feel free to send me a PM and I will add it to the list.

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