This video is a project that attempts to briefly debunk the common misconceptions and stereotypes about Haiti and the Haitian culture. Three New School graduate students venture all over Manhattan and Brooklyn to view the opinions of "blan" and "neg" which consist of three important groups: The Westerner (American), The Haitian, and the Haitian-American.

"Ayiti Chérie, lanmou ap blayi nan kem pou ou" (Haiti my dear, love is flowing in my heart for you.)

About Fred Voodoo: "The “Fred Voodoo” referred to in the title of Amy Wilentz’s impassioned but lumpy new book on Haiti, she explains, was reporters’ “joking name” for the Haitian man (or woman) in the street, at least one commonly used a few decades back in a less politically correct era. The name now represents to her foreigners’ attitude of “condescension filled with pity,” and all the stereotypes outsiders have come to attach to Haitians — as “nice people, maybe,” but “disorganized, uneducated, untrained, corrupt” and somehow under the thrall of voodoo, a religion that represented “everything the white Westerner was not: exotic, African, pagan, exciting, dangerous, deep.” - Michiko Kakutani (New York Times)

Short Film Directed by:
Oluwatoni Akindele
Kristina Micu
Christie Saint-Vil

Song: "Haïti Chérie" - Jacques Sauveur (Haiti's Second National Anthem)
Radio Segment: Radio Omega Haiti 96.3 FM
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