phew~ 1st at all thanks to the couple giving us a chance to design this love story film making. It was a amazing challenge & a lot of surprise happening ^^
3 days capture dead line, 1 weeks for the preparation, story board basic draft out by Joshua & finalize by us the entire storyline location, dress, timing & etc.
It's not a easy task to be done without the effort from every one. especially the couple, even they are not professional in field but they are doing their best to act! haha
I think the hardest part will be the 1st scene, we have warning by local police office because we have no info letter by the management of the bus station. Then we only have one chance capture & run for everyone life!
The most un forget able scene will be the 2nd when we know it was Joshua birthday, we put it a last minute idea on the celebration birthday scene on the story line.
Thanks to Poco Cafe as well provide us lovely cafe.
Thanks to Homestay provide us a place to stay & kitchen for some lovely scene.
Thanks to Father John allow us to capture some scene in the church.
Thanks to all Umi members for the help & a lot of effort put on this little project.

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