Bandize is your digital ledger. Spend $60 on gas with the band fund? Log it. Did you pay for this week's practice personally and need to be reimbursed? Log it and remind everyone that you're owed money!

Bandize uses tags to allow for filtering and navigation between different transactions. We auto-apply certain tags to keep things organized, but we also let you enter your own tags for some customization (ie. 'Booze', 'Fireworks').

Don't let that $5 the band loaned Gary for a beer get lost in the mental I.O.U. filing-cabinet. Bandize creates a very real sense of accountability so that money doesn't just go 'missing.'

It may not happen as often as you'd like (though, Bandize hopes to change that for you), but when you get paid, you should be able to track the what, when, and why so that you can figure out how to make it happen over and over again.

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