Ben Franks, Anarchist academic and author of “Rebel Alliances” about anarchism in UK.

He will introduce his recent work, Between Anarchism and Marxism: The beginnings and ends of the schism? which will be followed by group discussion of the questions posed.

“The standard approach, endorsed by orthodox Marxists and many anarchists, is
to see an irreconcilable difference between anarchism and Marxism. However,
the historical record shows that whilst Marx opposed – and was opposed by -
leading anarchists prior to 1917 there was considerable positive interaction
between diverse Marxist and anarchist groups. The division between the two,
viewed as fundamental, I argue, is in fact the product of a particular form of
political structure that dominated the revolutionary-left in the last century.
Now that these hierarchical forms of organisation have been discredited,
rediscovered and revised forms of Marxism have arisen that, once again,
actively engage with anarchism.”

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