Adafruit Proto Plate for Beagle Bone & Beagle Bone Black (0:07)

Micro-HDMI to HDMI Socket Adapter Cable (0:27)

USB Powered Speakers (1:33)

PIXEL Guts Kit - Bluetooth Controlled 32x32 RGB LED Matrix Kit (2:30)

SMD Component Testing Tweezers (4:37)

Autoranging Digital Multimeter Pen (4:37)

Pressure-Sensitive Conductive Sheet (Velostat/Linqstat) (9:38)

Knit Jersey Conductive Fabric - 20cm square (7:44)

Acrylic Stand for 16x2 Character LCD (10:34)

Standalone 5-Pad Capacitive Touch Sensor Breakout - AT42QT1070 (11:38)

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