Reframing Chewing Gum

For our first team assignment, we were presented with a simple, yet daunting task: create as much value as possible out of chewing gum.

To frame the task, we considered the definition of “value” and how it related to chewing gum. Monetarily, gum is cheap & common...but intrinsically, gum has played a special part in all of our lives. As children, gum is given as a gift and evokes memories of delight and inspiration. As adults, gum is shared in social situations and evokes thoughts of friendship, trust, and belonging.

We decided to capture all these feelings using an object commonly associated with gum --- a gumball machine.

Placed strategically in Manhattan’s Time Square, we would build a custom-made gumball machine that dispenses gum in exchange not for money, but for memories. Each person shares a memory they’ve had with gum as the machine records a video of their account. Once complete, the machine dispenses two pieces of gum --- one for them and one to share with a friend. Afterwards, the video is uploaded to an online “gumball repository” with other stories from around the world.

Music Video - Tha Heights -
Music - Bazooka Bubble Gum Song
Titles RedCat

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