Authors: Alfredo Adán, Daniel Gurrea, Alberto Prieto.

School: Miami Ad School Madrid.

The Brief :

Launch ‘A Frame’, Umbro’s lifestyle footwear collection, to a young, football inspired, audience.

The Creative Challenge:

Create a global campaign promoting their new lifestyle footwear range.
The brand’s strategy is to use their existing positioning as a football brand and products inspired by on-field heritage to inform the new lifestyle brand and product offering.
The strategy is called 1350. Inspired by the pitch, for a life off it. A football match lasts 90 minutes, this leaves 1,350 minutes a day for the rest of everyday living.

Creative Solution:

We carried out a campaign only for passionate people. Therefore we decided to create interactive billboards where people must show how much passion they have inside in order to uncover the message.

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