The brief was to launch Ted Baker into a potential new country.
There is a surreal blur between the privileged and the less fortunate in South Africa, and poverty is a hot topic there. I chose to focus on a few trends of the Township lifestyle (or poor lifestyle) that makes every person proud to be South African.

Fusing this with a privileged lifestyle of English heritage gave an unexpected twist to the shop’s image in South Africa and ultimately visually represents the blur between the lower and upper classes in an enthusiastic and positive way.

The campaign is focused on the launch of the Cape Town store. Ted Baker branded London taxis will be driving around the city, giving people free rides to the store in style. Once outside there will be Ted Baker representatives, noticeably British, doing a township dance known as Pantsula to attract attention.
Inside, the store is set out to pamper and wait on you as if you’re royal. Whilst sitting in a barber seat and having your hair cut or braided, enjoying high tea, a butler will walk around the store suggesting outfits for you, based on your character and brief style tips.

If you decide to purchase anything in store, the London taxi will also bring you to your next destination.

Around the city, there will be painted hairstyle Ted Baker boards at street barbers to get a Ted Baker stylish cut, which will also have the address of the store on them.

All music is property of their owners. This video is not for Commercial use.

DJ Cleo - Nisho Njalo
Theo_bass - Slovenia Police
Soul T "Impempe" ft Dj Cleo & The Teddy Bears (Hlokoloza)
Nostalgia 77 - Freedom
Sweet-Willie Brown - Swag


Concept and Art Direction Ryan Houston-McMillan
Project Manager and Film Director Carl Houston-McMillan
DOP Christian Denslow
Editor Ryan Houston-McMillan
Carl Houston-McMillan

Script Writer Ryan Houston-McMillan
Assistant Director Jonas Stark
Stylist Lisle Collins
Sound Recording Fritz the Cat

3D Modelling concepts and layout Ryan Houston-McMillan
3D Modelling visuals Argyroulla Argyrou


Mr Baker Ryan Kruger
James Voyo Stuurman
Sarah Lunathi Mampofu
Kid Tyler

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