"Bamboo, Bells and Beauty" (9:30 min, HDV, Japan 2013)
Directed, photographed and edited by Roger Walch.
Camera Assistant: Kenji DuBois Lee.
Shakuhachi: Taro Matsumoto.
A Rowmuse Films Production, Japan 2013.

Some thoughts on the film:

I think it is a very interesting idea to invite several filmmakers and capture the atmosphere and character of a city within one day. That's why I participated in the "One Day in Kyoto" project.

It is not easy to catch the essence and spirit of Kyoto within just one shooting day. There are many limitations: time, equipment, transport, weather conditions, shooting permissions, staff and crew etc.
We tried to keep it very simple and shot a documentary style music video, featuring Shakuhachi flutist Taro Matsumoto. We got permission to film at a famous zen temple in the early morning hours (before the tourists were let in). Afterwards we ventured out and shot at different locations within the city. We were using a DSLR camera (EOS 7d), a tripod and a glider - just to keep the weight low and to be able to move around town quickly. At the end of the day we shot a timelapse video from a hill above Kyoto. Camera assistant for the day was Kenji DuBois Lee.

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