Nicky & Jon

i met these two on October 7th - and we literally talked for hours! Soon after I left I got the "we want to book you email" and I knew their wedding would be killer!

I met up with the bridal party at Paul Mitchell Salon around 11AM. I did my thing got some cool shots and made a few friends up there that "cut hair better than the chicks at great clips..." we shared a lot of laughs. Nicky was super easy to film as she was always happy go lucky and smiling the whole night. i must make a public apology to Meredith, for "not wanting to know the bridal parties name" lol. Great times guys!

I brought teh 1978 Polaroid again to this wedding and as usual it was a hit! Nobody could believe it worked and some guy on amazon still makes the film. We brought "Tron" our cool photobooth. Since Jon wanted to build one himself, he didn't want "the responsibility" (in his own words) to make sure it worked. Enter Tron. it was a huge hit and the booth was seriously packed all night. The captains hat in my opinion was the most used. It just looks the coolest.

Thanks Nicky and Jon for booking us - and thanks for hiring us for the photobooth.
Enjoy the film :)

Now, tech specs for my fellow geeks:
5D ii
shot with all primes
50 1.4 135 2 14
Monopods are king
Tascam and H4N zooms for audio

Facebook photobooth?

Our twitter guy Zach Jones would love for you to follow us - even though we don't do a lot of twitter.

I think that sums it up!

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