Mild steel, perspex, mirror film 160 × 120 × 230cm

Avoiding a possible climbing accident, Amy is given a Hatherley patent ‘Lattistep’ orchard ladder, topped off with an Ercol Quaker chair, where she can safely read up in Tree’s branches. In addition, a sturdy steel structure for speaking while standing, plus transparent looking glass – preventing the trap of a ‘singular truth’ – supports Circle’s multiple mirroring and framing of Amy’s reading body.

Additionals in writing by Will Holder (Amy). Appended and repurposed from the publication The Tiger’s Mind, published by Sternberg Press, 2012.
Additionals were commissioned by Pavilion, Leeds, and developed during The Tiger's Mind with Jesse Ash as 'Wind', Condorelli as 'Tiger', Beatrice Gibson as 'Circle', Will Holder as 'Amy', John Tilbury as 'Mind', and Alex Waterman as 'Tree'.

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