Created for the Le Sacre Du Printemps Video Dance Collage Project, in celebration of the centenary anniversary of Stravinsky’s infamous score.
Stravinsky has described The Rite of Spring as “a musical-choreographic work ... unified by a single idea: the mystery and great surge of the creative power of Spring”. Using this as starting point, we chose to portray the majesty and force of nature, in this case Table Mountain and the fierce wind Cape Town is famous for. The mountain in the background is also a reference to the backdrop used in the Joffrey Ballet’s 1987 recreation of the Rite of Spring.
Stravinsky continues: “I had a fleeting vision ... I saw in my imagination a solemn pagan rite: sage elders, seated in a circle, watching a young girl dance herself to death.” The film echoes the ballet’s storyline of a single female emerging from a group of many, and employs circles as main focal point and theme, both in the location as well as the choreography.

Directed and choreographed by Louise Coetzer
Cinematography and edit by Oscar O’Ryan
Dancer : Che Milani
Music : Stravinsky
Produced by Darkroom Contemporary (2013)
Special thanks to Elad Kirshenbaum and Side Street Studios

SCREENED AT: Festival International de Vidéo Danse de Bourgogne, Body Cinema.
Also featured on ARTE CREATIVE, the website of ARTE, France and Germany’s major Television network for cultural programming

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