Our Global Expert NetworkSM advisory services include entrepreneurs, professionals and specialists who span the globe.

During your next innovation project, why not work with a dream team? When you work with our Global Expert NetworkSM advisors, you are able to see your challenges through the eyes of international thought leaders who infuse new perspective, ideas and energy into every aspect of our proven processes. Since we select our experts based on your specific opportunity, the ideas are always relevant but unexpected. Here is a sampling of the experts that exist in our database:
• Lead Airline Technology Engineer
• Ph.D., Behavior Therapist
• Director, National Council of Aging
• Industrial Designers
• Kids’ Toy Inventor
• Ph.D., Interactive Medicine
• Trend Experts: Aging, Fashion, Food, Health, Holistic Medicine, etc.
• CMO Leading Coffee Company
• V.P. Level Marketers from: Airline, Automotive, Beverage, Chemical, Coatings, Communications, Engineering, Food, Gaming, Packaging, Recreation, Travel, etc.

Please direct all Global Expert NetworkSM-related inquiries to Brett Miller at brett.m@maddockdouglas.com

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