My extended reel of 2013. For more check out my website:

1. Staircases - MFA Computer Art Thesis Project
3ds-MAX - Vray - Nuke.
“Staircases” is an animated short film about time, life, and the experience, perception, and preservation of memories.3ds-MAX was used as the primary software for most of the content and animation; VRay was used for the rendering. The compositing, a key component, was done in Nuke. The majority of shots where composed in Nuke by utilizing matte paintings projected onto geometry or cards in Nuke.

2. Superstar* - Student Project
3ds-MAX - AE.
Camera and Position data was exported from MAX to After Effects
to blend with green screen performance. Tracking was done in Mocha.

3. Shatter - Student Project
3ds-MAX - Mental Ray - Nuke.
MassFX physics engine was used to create the shattering effect.

4. The Compositor - Short Film
3ds-MAx - Vray - Nuke.
I created the never ending hall environment plate which consisted of
distributed arrays of object and animated character proxies.
by John Mattauzzi

5. Dynamis - Thesis Animation
I helped composite some of the finalized shots for this animated short.
Some of the shots required tracking and camera shake.
by Josh Planz and Mike Huang.

6. Inwind Offshore Installation - Visco AS
3ds-MAX - Vray - AE
I animated most of the procedures shown in this offshore installation animation. The animation, which was quite complex, consisted of changing between various parenting of objects and hierarchies while buoying on the ocean waves which was done manually. I also developed the visual esthetics/render.

7. Piano - Personal Project
3ds-MAX - Vray - Nuke
The piano was modeled from scratch. I did

8. Beerenberg Sveisolat - Visco AS
My part: I developed the visual esthetics/render, animation and motion graphics.

9. The Toys Soldier and the Ballerina - BFA Computer Animation Project
I created all the assets,animation and rendering. The animation is synchronized to a musical piece to create a contemporary dance number

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