About Me:
Hello! My name is Tristan Shearer. I live in Eagan, Minnesota and will soon be a Senior in high school. Going to Italy is a rare opportunity at any age, and I am excited to say I am going this July. During the 12-day trip, I will get to experience in real life, what most students can only learn about through text books! This opportunity is far more than just a student trip for me since I have an extreme passion and talent in the field of fine art photography. I hope to come home with many awesome photos that I can use to start my own website, business, and presence in the fine art community. It is a dream opportunity to practice my skills at such historical places with so much art, architecture, culture, and beauty … and to do it with proper camera equipment would make this more possible for me – no more lenses from thrift stores!

Photography has helped me break out of my shell and uncertain future giving me my new found confidence. I enjoy experimenting with various ideas and techniques to photograph simple objects, as well as experiment with uncommon portraiture, macro, and landscape shots. My studio is in my bedroom with a little black table and desk lamps from thrift stores. I use whatever resources I have and combine that with whatever lighting effects I can create to capture the unique way I see things. Surprisingly, most of my most popular photos have been of thrift store junk taken in my bedroom. The photos in my gallery are taken with the low quality equipment I currently have, and keep in mind that as a student photographer I explore various genres and techniques. Recently, one of my more unusual photos was featured on DeviantArt’s front page that has been bringing attention to my work. I was also surprised when the Minnesota Zoo requested permission to add some of my photos to their DeviantArt gallery.

I’ve earned a portion of my trip, but have a ways to go. Your support will help not only make sure my trip is covered, but also will allow me to obtain needed photography equipment which can cost thousands of dollars. As you can see, this trip is not only a fun and educational opportunity of a lifetime, but I am hoping it will help me get a start on a career specializing in fine art photography. It is comforting to know I have found my passion. I truly don’t know of anything else I could do as a career that would be as fulfilling. Please know your contribution will help me for my entire life and I will forever remember all the generosity as I earn my way to become one of the most famous fine art photographers of this century.

I will forever be grateful for anything you can do, and will pay it forward in the future when I’m able.

Equipment I need:
It is amazing how expensive photography equipment can be! Here is my wish list of items that will maximize my abilities. My goal on this site is far below what the equipment will cost as it all totals nearly $10,000, not to mention about $4,000 for the tour and the fees involved in using this forum. I am hoping between your help and my hard work I can obtain a majority of what I need by the time I travel abroad in July. If my support goes above and beyond, then I can start building a better studio with proper lighting. This equipment will be useful for the entire start-up of my career and in the years to come.

Nikon Nikkor 24-70 f2.8 ED lens
Nikon Nikkor 14-24 f2.8 ED lens
Nikon D800
2 64 GB CF cards and 2 64 GB SD cards
Camera backpack
Nikon Nikkor 70-200 f2.8 ED lens
Lightweight carbon fiber tripod/monopod
Off-camera strobe flashes and flash modifiers

Other Ways You Can Help:
If you have read my story to this point, you no doubt have a kind heart and I greatly appreciate that. Whether you can contribute or not, please share my campaign by using the share tools. The activity from sharing will help my exposure and keep my campaign alive. Thank you all so very much!

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