This video shows me & my family's outing to the Monterey Bay Aquarium in Monterey, CA this day. It was like a family hangout and it was also for my cousin Shanon's early birthday celebration. We had a fun time together exploring the sea!

Firstly, it shows photos during our trip to the aquarium and also showing a bit of the tunnel. We then walked from the parking garage, through the Monterey Cannery Row, towards the aquarium. Since we got our tickets already, we didn't have to wait in the long line outside in the front.

Our 1st stop was at the Kelp Forest exhibit. We saw fish, sharks and majestic tall giant kelp. Then our 2nd stop was around the Monterey Bay Habitats area. There, we saw sea anemones, coral reefs, different types of fish, a giant octopus, sea pens, etc. We even saw a real life Patrick from Spongebob! There was also a place where the water was open so it was possible to touch the marine creatures and sea anemones. But it was not allowed... We saw a note saying to "Only use your eyes, not your hands..". Afterwards, we headed around the Aviary to see some sea birds and whatnot. We also saw stingrays and we were allowed to touch them here. It was around the touch pools area of the facility.

Then we headed outside around the Viewing Station area to view the Monterey Bay. The fog had lifted a bit as well towards the south/southeast area. We took a group pic with us cousins only as well (not shown in video). After taking in some fresh sea breeze, we then headed back inside and went upstairs to the Splash Zone area. We saw garden eels, cuttlefish, and even fish from the Finding Nemo Disney movie! We also saw some eels and then headed to the penguin exhibit. We saw only one penguin having fun swimming in the water while the rest just stood there lol. Then we saw a couple huge lobsters!

Our next stop was The Open Sea area. We crossed over a bridge leading towards The Open Sea area, seeing over the gift store and passing by the large orca display. We entered the area, saw fish swimming all around above. Then we took on the jellies, seeing moon jellies and sea nettles. The sea nettles were my favorite, then the moon jellies. Then we went into the main big aquarium at The Open Sea. It really felt like we were under the open ocean at the time. We saw many types of sea creatures including a school of fish, huge tuna, sea turtles, a couple hammerheads and more! I think you would find something similar to this in the movie Finding Nemo as well: the E.A.C. (East Australian Current)!

At this point, we just waited for everyone to gather so we can go out and eat our late lunch/early dinner. It was already in the afternoon hours.

We then left the aquarium shortly after 4 p.m. or so. We walked back down Monterey Cannery Row, towards to the parking garage. We ate at the Chopstix restaurant not far away from the aquarium. There, we acknowledged my cousin Shanon's birthday! She was turning 17. Happy birthday, cuzz! It was a great family outing at the Monterey Bay Aquarium!

We actually went to Pacific Grove with some of my cousins to climb on the rocks right after the restaurant. (not shown in this video)

[Photos & videos taken on Saturday, April 27, 2013 while in and around Monterey/Monterey Bay Aquarium, CA with both my Canon Powershot SD1100 IS Digital ELPH camera and iPhone 4S]

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