Two very different members of a less-than-pristine society are faced with situations that neither of them know how to handle.

Written & Directed by Connor Simpson (

Music by [plain.] -
Starring Thaddeus Fitzpatrick & Carrie Poh
Also Starring Mohamed Musaed & Courtney Williams
Director of Photography: Marc Patterson
Editor: Connor Simpson
Gaffer: Justin Rudolph
Grip: Carlos Estrada

Grip the wind inside my hand and
Picture whipping in an Aston
Living in a mansion, trips to San Sebastian
But when I, look in the mirrors in my dreams it’s never me
Well and pleased to bleed, to ease, the sorrow
Not bequeathed, a chance, to see, tomorrow
Steady tease, romance, to breathe, it’s borrowed
Read the stories on this trail of blood to follow if you’d please

Take a safari through my jungle
Take a safari through my jungle
Take a safari through my jungle
Take a safari through my jungle, don’t tighten your eyes

Take a safari through my jungle, with tigers and lions
The blunt of the iron and violence, the government’s buying
Take a safari through my jungle where the highest we climb’s
The money tithed to down payments on a sublet of Zion
Take a safari through the jungle where the time stops
Those ain’t heart palpitations, it’s the rhythms of the sidewalk
Tussin for your problems, keep a 9 Glock
In the pocket or the mental and then never let them eyes lock
No monopoly on olive leaves, we’re always under watch, yo
Property of poverty, the body rocks a barcode
Lost soles inside the potholes
In a Western Mogadishu where the screams are heard in Oslo
Calm though in calamity, would never have known it
Heard that, cold tone in the heat of the moment
Screaming go home, this man’s just keeping his stove lit
My station ain’t my making but I’m seeking atonement
I’m just seeking where home is, no conscience shrieking it’s broken
Rigor mortis it escorted meters deep in the ocean
Chaos ceased unearthed a peace like turbaned Sikhs in their cogence
Of spirituality, I seek better potions
Pure criminality, perceived when I’m roaming
I fear vitality, I seek never knowing
What this life was, can I just, plant my seed and get going
Guess you only die once, best get to keeping it golden

Take a safari through this jungle where all evil’s acquired!
Take a safari through this jungle where the jeep’s got no tires!
Take a safari through this jungle where there’re people designed
In the likeness of God, but they’re likened to crime

On a safari through this jungle where the street stinks
Paid dues where the root is always chalk it up to instinct
Methinks they all wrong, the hood works in kanban
A mil waiting to take your place, won’t miss you once you’re long gone
Choose prey or predator, AKs from leopards
The same range to dead em, best maintain the pressure
Make way for success hit delay on the pleasure
A stain to their record, good great for the better
In the fourth quarter, play my four corners
Bust a trap set to claim my reward
I lay claim to corner offices, I warn
Myself that those don’t exist in the morgue
So, sit back hit that radio dispatch
Fuck it, they won’t take my glory, hit that {click-clack}
Syntactical errors in approach conceded
Gotta make my rips, a solid fill on quotas needed
As he leans over leakage, the horror unleashes
Momentarily defeated and I wish I’d never seen it

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