Dhalaristan captured on tape - by TV.Berlin way back in April 2010 - final preparations before going on tour from Berlin to Istanbul.

Dhalaristan were based at Kunst Stoffe, in Pankow, Berlin for a few weeks in spring 2010. Kunst Stoffe is an amazing resource and those who run it are dedicated and always willing to help out. It's a centre for recyclable materials - basically, a resource full of those small and sometimes big things that most people throw away, because they regard them as "rubbish".

Of course, to others, these materials are a valuable resource. For Dhalaristan, as a group (re)creating our culture from the few artefacts remaining from the past, Berlin was a temporary, provisional home. We were not a settled group in a chosen homeland - we were more like a hunter-gathering tribe, making use of our environment, reusing what was available.

Almost everything that was created by the Troupe was recycled. It may have been saved from the rubbish container. It may have been an old family keepsake, never quite finding a use, until its true function as an object in Dhalarii lore became clear.

Our final preparations for the tour were completed there, and when we drove away from Berlin on May 1, 2010, we started out on the road to Vienna from the Kunst Stoffe gates. Not only that - the Dhalarii embassy on wheels that participated in the Karneval der Kulturen that year was also constructed at Kunst Stoffe.

Considering all of this, Kunst Stoffe is close to our hearts in Dhalaristan, as an important site were a significant part of our culture was developed and (re)created.

Special thanks to Corinna, Gina, Andreas, Pat, Elisa, and all the other staff of Kunst Stoffe for being there and helping us on our way.

Also many thanks to the people at TV.Berlin for filming us and spreading the word!

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