Out of all the places I painted for this project, this was
the by far the most interesting of locations.
Barrow Gurney Mental Asylum was built in the 1930’s
to release the amount of patients held at Bristol’s main
asylum ‘The Glenside’ – It was originally called Barrow
Mental Hospital. Although work was completed in
1937 and the first patients admitted in 1938, it was
used as a Royal Navy Hospital during WW2 before
reverting back to its intentional use in 1948.

Inspired by black letter calligraphy I designed a custom sketch which I later used as a guide to the final outcome of the wall. ‘Who’s The Illest’ refrences a common hip hop quote which is fitting with the process of the piece whilst still resonating with the location. To accompany this piece, I teamed up with local filmers and editors, Def Productions & Harry Gough. Together we created a short film documenting the process and out come of the wall with an eery aesthetic and feel.

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