dvcreators.net/bracket-1/ Here we mount a variety of items onto the camera. First the HAMA/Delv shoe mount dvcreators.net/hama-delvcam-hot-shoe-mount/

Next we add a few bracket1 accessories including the cold shoe 1 dvcreators.net/bracket-1/ next we add the EW clip along with a Sennheiser Wireless dvcreators.net/sennheiser-mics
Then a second wireless by Sony, the UWP-V1 dvcreators.net/the-sony-uwp-v6-wireless-system-with-lavalier-and-plug-on-transmitter/
Followed by a RODE SM3 shockmount dvcreators.net/rode-10-aluminum-boompole and NTG-1 shotgun mic / dvcreators.net/rode-ntg-1-shotgun-directional-condenser-microphone/
Last, but not least, we add the IKAN V8000 LCD monitor dvcreators.net/ikan-8inch-lcd/

The camera in this demo is the Sony FX1. Bracket1 makes a variety of different sized brackets for smaller and larger cameras from the Canon HV20 to the Sony EX1.

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