Camera: Black Magic Cinema Camera with 480GB SanDisk SSD
Format: 2,5K RAW in film mode
Lenses: Canon 15-85mm f3,5-5,6 and Samyang/Walimex 85mm f1,4
Tripod and variND
NO external battery !


In may 2013 I went to Northern Cyprus for vacation. A good opportunity to test out the brand new Black Magic Cinema Camera for the first time in the natur of this beautiful island. Shooting on the road, as light as possible.

The whole video was shot in 2.5K RAW with the Canon 15-85mm 3,5-5,6 and the Samyang/Walimex 85mm 1,4. Aditionally I had a vari ND (not the best and relatively soft in my opinion) and a photography tripot. So it was pretty much run and gun. A lot of these shots were taken in bright midday light (YES, not the best time but often you are not alone on a trip).
Well, to me this camera is amazing. It is the first time, that I get images I can grade the way I want, without getting in too much trouble with the compression. That is really nice and even the prores files are absolutely fine. Of course everything has its pros and cons. Internal battery, sensor size, moiré and to me the worst thing is the colored noise. As I grade with Da Vinci Resolve, I offen seperate luma and color channel to reduce this color noise, the result is some grain and this "natural" grain is fine to me. But with ISO800 and higher it might be a good idea to use noise reduction. The DOF is ok if you use fast lenses (not a new thing). Wide angle shots with the 15mm end of the Canon lens are fine but I will try out the tokina 11-16mm f2,8 asap (also to know if my camera has this distance problem with this lens)
The internal battery was not too bad for this trip and RAW is not really the format you shoot everything in front of your lens (I think this is nice because you start to rethink if that shot is needed or not). So I could deal with the 30-40 minutes power.

After all, I like the camera very much and I am willing to deal with its little problems, because I think you get great results, if you use it the right way.

Please download the original file for better quality !

Enjoy !

Filmed and Edited by Michael Jacobus Maas

Music by Alexander Maas alexander-maas.com/

Premiere Pro CS6
Da Vinci Resolve 9

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