At TVS we work a lot with sweeps and slow and controlled sirens to develop great command and control over the singing voice. This vocal workout has a Version A in addition to this version B. Version A is the original Maestro David Kyle version, this demonstration of version B is my adaptation to the original Maestro Kyle workout.

Version B requires the student to registration quickly, with a lot of inertia and momentum. Sometimes quick movements like this can make the voice sit in the perfect position for singing with athletic power and tuning to a sonorous and 'boomy' overtones. When practicing this workout, students must stop thinking about singing higher frequencies, in the context of "up/down" and "low/high". This creates a huge psychological problem for a lot of singers.

Registration between the chest voice and the head voice are all about building new athletic strength and coordination and, mastering the acoustics and vowel work required for singing.

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