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Tutorial 2 - Recorded on 12th April 2013

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Dear Participants

Let me first welcome you to the Entrepreneurship Course that is going Live now. We have close to 1000 participants and this is the largest course (and by far the most diversified) that I have ever taught and I am very excited about this. As promised this will be a fun journey that we will go through together.

The actual lectures will take place each Wednesday 8-10 am (Malaysia time) and will be recorded and made available online so that the online participants can "attend" the lectures in their own time. Key features of this course include the interactivity between participants and the team project that you will need to work on. So it is important that you follow the course activities and interact regularly with your peers and myself. There will be an on-campus tutorial session every Friday form 10am-12pm. This will be recorded and made available online as well. Both online and on-campus participants will need to complete their assignment and tutorial submissions online.

You will spend the first week updating your profile, including your profile picture and other required information as well as completing the "before we start" activity. This will set us all for a successful journey.

The first lecture will be on 3rd April (8-10am).


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