Four Rotary Clubs in Eastern Nebraska are partnering with other organizations outside of Rotary, and with local businesses, to fulfill some of Future Vision's more challenging Areas of Focus, such as:

- Peace and Conflict Prevention/Resolution
- Maternal and Child health
- Basic Education and Literacy
- Economic and Community Development!

Last year the Rotary Clubs of Schuyler, Columbus Noon, Columbus Morning and Norfolk, Nebraska, worked together to promote “Peace Through Service” by improving a better understanding among diverse cultures in communities with significant immigrant populations.

All 4 Rotary Clubs each received both "The Presidential Citation (signed by 2012-2013 Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka)" and "Peace Through Service Awards.” This was primarily due to the success of a first-class Peace Forum sponsored by the 4 clubs, which featured simultaneous presentations by immigration attorneys in Spanish and English, featured flamenco music by a guitar prodigy, and offered child care for the families who attended.

This year all 4 Rotary clubs are sustaining their momentum by following 2013-2014 Rotary International President Ron D. Burton’s directive to "Engage Rotary - Change Lives" through a multi-club $11,135.67 District Grant to create a Citizenship Fund. This fund will be used for education, and to help immigrants who qualify for legal status, but experience difficulty to afford the fees for legal status.

This is where the rubber hits the road:

- Lives Are Being Changed because communities are being educated about immigration.

- Lives Will Be Changed because Rotary is doing something about immigration, in respect for the law, by helping immigrants to become legal.

- Lives Will Be Changed because fewer U.S. born children will need to fear deportation of their parents.

- Lives Will Be Changed by the initiative’s substantial economic impact, creating a more stable labor- force, stimulating commerce & investment, and creating a more peaceful life for legal residents.

- Lives Are Being Changed because this initiative will strengthen bonds among immigrants and non-immigrants by working together. It will make local neighborhoods and communities safer, and creates an excellent image for Rotary throughout the world!

- Lives Are Being Changed because service-minded immigrants & citizens impressed with this initiative, are increasing Rotary’s membership growth by "Joining Rotary Clubs & getting active in Rotary!"

- Lives Are Being Changed because Rotary Clubs are “working together” with each other,
with outside organizations, and with industry, to fulfill Future Vision’s Areas of Focus.

- Lives Are Being Changed by "Engaging Rotary" through this important District Grant!

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