Common Side Effects is a touching poetic short film directed by Udo Prinsen. The film is inspired by the novel 'The Shock of the Fall', paintings by Henk Chabot and produced in cooperation with Ambo|Anthos publishers. The novel is written by Nathan Filer and published by HarperCollins. In the USA the novel appears in the original title 'Where the moon isn't' under the umbrella of st. Martin's Press.

Director: Udo Prinsen

Production: Carambolas Films

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Music editing, sound design & audio mix by Jorge San Martín Beuk

Music track: Clive Wearing by Malcanisten
Written, recorded & mixed by Malcanisten
Produced by Jorge San Martín Beuk

Sjaak Kassies: lead vocals, clarineau and percussion.
Olivier Wieringa: ukulele, banjo, harmonics, cajon and choir.
Robbert Houtman: ukulele, percussion and choir.
Jorge San Martín Beuk: guitar, percussion, accordion and choir.

download the song ‘Clive Wearing’ @
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