It was as if they had sent out wedding invitations with the line, " You are cordially invited to hang out and have fun."

There is often a lot riding on a wedding event. Couples and their families have invested so much over such a long time. Sometimes it can be easy for them to forget to enjoy themselves! This wasn't the case for Jaimini and Amarish. Laughter and fun comes easily to these two. Never taking life too seriously. Always remembering to make the most of every situation. So it was no surprise that the guests were in for a treat, a truly enjoyable day. They smiled and everyone smiled with them. A weddings character is not totally defined by decor and detail but defined by the atmosphere a family create.

It's always special for our team when the wedding guests include past VIVIDA couples and their families. It was awesome to catch up with Eish and Nu who referred us onto Jaimini and Amarish.

With this event had three cinematographers and two photographers. Just the way we like it.

VIVIDA have been working on a little project called Marta. She has been trained by myself and the team to shoot photo, cinema and edit. I believe that with good training, almost anything is possible. Marta edited this video as her first short film. We are very proud of her. Rock on!

Simeon @ VIVIDA

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