On Thursday, March 14, 2013, Officer Tommie Thomas responded to a call for assistance on Highway 24 in the area of the main gate in reference to a person having a heart attack. Bus monitor Pat Acuna safely steered the bus across four lanes of traffic to the shoulder of Highway 24.

When he arrived, Officer Thomas found a group of four individuals, Jeremy Jones, Loretta Brand, John Scott and Jarrod Kuhnly, performing CPR on a school bus driver who was on the ground outside of the bus on the shoulder of the roadway. Officer Thomas assisted with the CPR efforts by relieving Mr. Scott, who was providing rescue breathing.

After approximately two minutes, Officer Thomas was relieved and quickly ran to his patrol vehicle to retrieve the AED. With the assistance of the others, Officer Thomas connected the device to the victim. The AED advised to continue CPR. After several additional repetitions of CPR, the AED reevaluated and shock was advised. Officer Thomas cleared the CPR team and shock was issued. The AED advised to continue CPR.

Shortly after the shock was issued, JFD Squad 3 arrived at the scene. Driver Operation Ben Franck assumed compressions and Firefighter Zack Getts commenced rescue breathing using a bag valve mask. The AED advised shock, a shock was given and CPR efforts were continued by Squad 3 Crew. JFD Engine 3 arrived, with Captain Hronek assuming command. Driver Operator Stutts established the portable suction unit and Firefighter Idol intubated the victim. Upon arrival by EMS, the AED advised shock. After this shock, a pulse was established. The victim was transported to Onslow Memorial Hospital and subsequently transferred to New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

The immediate response and life sustaining efforts by the four civilians, JPD Officer and JFD Fire Personnel resulted in the victim regaining consciousness. Their actions resulted in preventing a tragedy and are very worthy of the Civilian Commendation Award and the Life Saving Award.

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