Consolidation a secret agency which is run by Billionaires and partnering the most affluent people in the world, combine their skills and business working ethics to control time disturbances from the past and future, with all the latest in technology,and managing staying off the radar of any government agency in any country.
The agency has agents who live within a close community in a Village in the mountains of north Wales they have been recruited from various places in time from our past and future and live in there own bubble of time in the village.
In 1996 a black hole was discovered in space on the dark side of the Moon by the Hubble telescope and at that time an engineer called John Stebnic was building and designing Satellites for geostationary orbit above the earth for Tv feeds.Once the space station was finalised and built NASA was approached to see if an independent experiment could be performed with the black hole.
The space station became a base for John Stebnic where upon he has now sent geostationary satellites through the black hole to various times of the earths future and past so that Consolidation agents can bring back data .The Satellites have nuclear Laser warheads designed from our future.
Consolidations purpose is to keep Time on course and to rectify Time Distortions caused by the Evil Time dweller and his Mercenaries of Time.

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