We are happy to say production for Fight 4 Your Life, the feature film version, is well under way! We are continuing to release various media to promote the film. Trailers, such as this "Running Teaser", are meant to give viewers a glimpse at what F4YL is set to look like.

The footage used in this F4YL "Running Teaser" was taken from the Fight 4 Your Life short shot in 2012, which is what the idea for the F4YL feature stemmed from. Note that this teaser is meant to give a glimpse into the color schemes and feel of the F4YL feature, not totally represent what it will look like. The feature version is being shot with certain color schemes, visual effects and more in mind, where as the short version was not.

The one studios crew hopes you enjoy this teaser and looks forward to getting more media out for you to view and interact with soon! It's a hectic process. But it's getting done. IN FACT, were prepping to release the first official Fight 4 Your Life teaser utilizing footage from the feature!!! Watch for it in the upcoming weeks!

****UPDATE**** The first official teaser trailer for the Fight 4 Your Life feature is up here on Vimeo and the official F4YL site. Check it out!

Please feel free to leave comments. And, PLEASE, do tell others about Fight 4 Your Life. The funding campaign has launched. You can donate via the official F4YL site or by contacting us directly. We will be relaunching our Kickstarter campaign with more ferocity soon. We can use all the help we can get!

Thanks for your support, interest and time. Like, Follow and check out F4YL at:

The official Fight 4 Your Life Site: Fight4YourLifeMovie.com

Facebook: facebook.com/F4YLMovie

Twitter: twitter.com/F4YLMovie

- OneMan

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