OUR BRIEF: A documentary is being made about life in the post-industrial wreckage
of Western Europe in the year 2100. You have been commissioned to
produce the motion graphics and special effects for this programme.
They wish to compare and contrast the current situation and aspirations
of this generation since the financial melt down of 2008 and visualise
what the social, physical, and technological landscape will be in 2100.

THE BASIC OUTLINE TO MY STORY IS THIS: Mass flooding, civil unrest. Most of society around the globe has broken. The rule of government is no longer trusted. Things are a mess up until around 2040s, then things start to settle again and some of the worlds most trustworthy and successful companies and minds come together to create Safe Haven. The modern day castle that is completely self sustaining. Produces its own power, fuel, food. And the best part about it is that the employees and citizens of Safe Haven have a say in how the castle is run day to day. These castles are the start of the new world.

Hows it made- davidrenton-2100.tumblr.com/

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