Niemandsland, also known as no mans land in german, is set during the trench warfare of the First World War. In it a german soldier tries to make sense of how his life came to this, while fighting what seems to be a never ending battle. This short narrative also pays tribute to the fallen soldiers, in what people have called, the war to end all wars.

Shot on a Canon 7d
Audio Zoom H4N
Lenses: 50mm 1.8 / 28-135mm 3.5-5.6

Directed, Shot, & Edited by: Daniel Mitchell
Written by: Daniel Mitchell & Erik Hack
Starring & Narration by: Erik Hack
Musical Score by: Kevin MacLeod

Also Featuring :
Dave Fornell
Sam Johnson
William Larsen
Dakota Morfey
Ryan Jones
Brian Mendenhall
Hellar Armbruster
Chris Ross
Bill Dreilling

Special Thanks to Midway Village Museum and all the Reenactors.

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