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We are Phavian!

If you are reading this you probably already know that we are a progressive rock band from Los Angeles, California. We are incredibly excited to announce our latest tour in support of our new album, Meridian II!

We will be traveling the country for the next 3 1/2 months!
The Tour will cover over 10,000 miles
We will be playing over 70 dates, including both acoustic and electric shows in most cities

Why we need you!

There are a lot of things we can do without on the road: beds, clean clothes, regular showers, etc. But GAS is not one of those things, and it's not cheap!
Our goal for this campaign is to cover our fuel costs for the tour.
Help us cover these costs before we hit the road so we don't get stuck pushing the van across the country!

We want to thank you...IN PERSON!

The usual merch packages that you would expect to find in a crowd sourcing campaign are there BUT there's more! Your contributions can also get you Phavian experiences! Everything from playing percussion on stage with us at a show, to photo shoots, to us cooking you a gourmet dinner! It's a way for us to thank you for your contributions face to face!

Every dollar helps!

Every gallon of gas gets us another 12 miles closer to YOUR town! We want to be able to bring our music to you and this campaign is your opportunity to be a part of the process.
If you can't contribute please help us out by spreading the word about this campaign to everyone you know! You can still be a part of the Phavian team!

Thank you all so much in advance. See you on the road this summer!


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