What you're about to look at here if you can be bothered sitting though the 50 odd minutes this test goes for is a comparison between the Pvintage, the Zeiss MK3 Superspeeds and the Cooke XTAL anamorphics, matching as best I could the focal lengths. For example, Panavision do a 75mm where as the Zeiss is an 85mm.

This was shot using an Alexa PLUS 4:3 and was shot using mainly practical lighting. There is a blanket LUT that's been applied to this which will be the rushes LUT for Puberty Blues. So no real grading. We also shot using the 2K mode of the Alexa in ProRes 4:4:4 though Ive since heard that this can sometimes introduce additional aliasing. I've got to test that still.

The anamorphic has been centre cropped to 1:78.

There is a day exterior, but we were late getting to location and the light really changed quickly so it's probably not the most fair comparison.

In the first setup, I was really interested in the flare characteristics of each lens, so I set something up with the help of the are department and a dedo light to deliberately look at that.

We were also interested in how the out of focus areas would look in the very very far distance so we looked at a night exterior with a deep horizon of lights.

I tried to shoot at the same T stop, to match the slower Anamorpics as well, but you'll see I also did some wide open shots hand held towards the end.

We actually had two cameras (one was PV mount the other was PL) and something like 17 lenses to test so we didn't have a lot of time. My excellent focus puller Pim Kulk did a great job considering it was unrehearsed and we shot only single takes of each lens.

In the first flare test, I also found the Fluro at the end to be distracting in anamorphic so I panned it off and shot two setups again. I have included both takes of this to compare.

At the end there are also some lens charts, plus a lot of additional Pvintage focal lengths that don't have a matching focal length in the Zeiss Superspeeds. You'll also notice the 40mm Pvintage is very warm and has since been sent of for a visit to the lens doctor...

Let me know what you can see. I've made the file downloadable in Vimeo should you wish, but it's a smidge under 5gb...

So yeah. There's no sound. Quite frankly it's a lot of stuff to watch and even I find it a little bit tedious, but I think there will be those of you out there that will be interested enough to take a look. To me the differences are pretty subtle.

So be warned.... it's not riveting television, but if you want to see the differences, they're there to look at.

Special thanks to Patrick Rohr for modelling. Next time you'll be going in the water.

** Just noticed I mislabelled the Zeiss superspeeds as MK2's when they are in fact MK3's. As i mentioned,there's no optical difference between them.

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