On April 28th 2013, I proposed to my girlfriend of almost 3 years. Zahra and I met through mutual friends. She’d just purchased a new SLR camera and I had been running my own boutique wedding photography business for a few years, so naturally, I offered to give her a quick 2 hour beginner’s photography lesson at a nearby park. We hit it off right away! She was smart, funny, insightful and the prettiest girl I'd ever seen. We eventually started dating and I know it sounds cliché, but I can actually remember the exact moment I knew I wanted to marry her.

I wanted the proposal to be special and still a complete surprise. We had already gone ring shopping together, so she knew it was going to happen - just not when or how. In order to ensure that Zahra was completely surprised, I fabricated a story of a surprise birthday party for someone else. When I picked her up for the fake surprise party, I made an excuse to go back to my house for a quick stop. As can be expected with Murphy’s Law, the weather started to deteriorate, and a light drizzle developed. I had to convince Zahra to get out of the car and come with me to the backyard entrance. I had to coax her a little, but she finally relented and agreed to step out of the car (all this happened while I was wearing a mic under my shirt!).

The only reason it went smoothly (other than the weather, which fortunately did hold out until we were finished), was because of the incredible team of people that helped!
A special Thank You to:
Awesome friends - Sameer, Steph and Sama!
Henna Decor - Sonia’s Henna Art (soniashenna.com/)
Illustrated Book - Dan Murphy Artworks (danmurphyartworks.com/)
Photography - Bob Menard and his wife Jess (mnrdphoto.com/)
Videography - SDE Weddings (sdeweddings.com/)

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