Dankawalie is a village in Sierra Leone that was burned down during the civil war. Just like many villages in Sierra Leone, it has no electricity or hospital.
But there is something its inhabitants are proud of -- the Dankawalie Secondary School (DSS) that was founded by Kewulay Kamara, Dankawalie native who has lived in America for years, but whose heart belongs to his homeland. Kamara is a performer, storyteller and human rights activist. For nearly two years Kamara has attended educational conferences and forums to promote solar energy for the Dankawalie village and solicit donations. In 2012 he met CEO of Wind and Solar Energy company, Brian Singh. Kamara's dream is coming true -- the solar panels are on their way to Dankawalie -- being shipped from America. It's in the summer of 2013 when they will be installed on the roofs of the Dankawalie Secondary School.
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