I made a quick test of 5DMK3 RAW video capabilities from the new alpha version of Magic Lantern firmware, putting the camera sensor through different extremes, like shooting against the overblown window with a tungsten light on inside the room.

I don't have a 1000x CF Card so I was able to shoot 720p only (with my Transcend 400x 32GB CF Card), it has a crop (x1.5 I presume) this way, but still demonstrative.

Info on how to test this yourself can be found in this post cinema5d.com/news/?p=17898
Other great examples of shooting 5DMK3 RAW can be found here vimeo.com/66296381 and here vimeo.com/66153520

Overall great sharpness (even in 720p), great dynamic range (compared to ALL-i) and the same low light capabilities.

RAW DNG still shots from all four tests for you to play with mediafire.com/?7mxcgrux1dmgryg

Be careful with your camera. :)

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