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[2013-05-19 updated] Yen Chow MD (@TbayEDguy) and Lee Gauthier (critical care paramedic) are at the point where they have planned and prepared for an RSI with the help of a field kit dump [previous error labelled "dumpkit"] ( They go over a final "Pre-RSI Checklist" (STOP IC BARS version 2.0) and "safety briefing" that takes about 3 minutes. Yen is the intubator and team lead, Lee is the intubation assistant and Louise (RN) off camera takes the role of "lifeguard/safety officer" by watching the SpO2, perfusion and NIBP cycling. Yen also adds a final pre intubation essentials checklist B-SLOPES-A just before intubation.

[Yen apologizes for the Batman t-shirt and Vertical Video Syndrome ( This was done impromptu at 1am post workday. May 16, 2013]

Below is updated version 2.x of the checklist with some tweaks added after the sim and including ongoing feedback on the video.

Note that Lee assists by removing the nonrebreather face mask and switches oxygen source to the BVM and then puts his hand on the thyroid cartilage in readiness to assist with bimanual laryngoscopy and external laryngeal manipulation by Yen. After intubation is confirmed visually, Lee takes the mask off the BVM, attaches the end tidal CO2 (taped to the dump kit table so it does not fall off) and attaches it to the ETT while Yen is keeping the tube secure and inflates the cuff. A clean "d" grip bougie first intubation is used (ETT packaging to protect ETT tip from contamination).

[updated 2013-05-19 to 2.2]
Pre RSI Checklist Version 2.2 (works for any advanced airway management preparation)
Laryngoscope Lube Lido spray
Suction (+ FB/fluid management with McGills, Meconium Aspirator), Stylet, Syringe, Stethescope
Tubes (extra sizes and suction throwaways), Tube tie
Oxygen x2sources, deNitrogenation/ reOxygenation/ apneic Oxygenation (deN2/ reOx/ apOx)
Position; Plan of Approach + Meds; Plan for Risks (HOP kills); Plan for Misses; Post intubation management
IV x2 working/checked
Cardiac monitor; Cuff arm opposite drug IV arm; ETCO2
Bougie, BVM, blades
Airways (OPA NPAs) Alternate intubation method (AirTraq, nasotracheal tube)
Roles (SpO2, Waveform, BP watcher; intubation assistant); Resources (other MDs/anesthetists)
Straight-to-Cuff Styletted tubes, SGA ,Surgical airway

Bougie BVM
Oxygen x2 sources doing 3 things
SGA Surgical(scalpel)
Airways Alternative intubation means

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