Original Title: What are animals are thinking?
Duration: 53’37’’΄
Producer: Michael Bicks/ Anna Lee Strachan/ Joshua Seftel/ Tobey List/ Paula S. Apsell (Senior executive producer)/ Julia Cort (executive producer)/
Director: Michael Bicks/ Anna Lee Strachan
Company: WGBH Educational Foundation/ NOVA
Scientific Field: Nature/ Biology/ Genetics/ Medicine/ Psychology/ Psychiatry/ Neurosciences/ Culture/ Anthropology
Year: 2012
Country: USA

We humans have long wondered how animals see the world—and us. Does your dog really feel shame when it gives you that famous "guilty look?" What is behind the "swarm intelligence" of slime mold or a honeybee hive? How can pigeons possibly find their way home across hundreds of miles of unfamiliar terrain? In this episode of NOVA scienceNOW, David Pogue meets—and competes—with a menagerie of smart critters that challenge preconceived notions about what makes "us" different from "them," expanding our understanding of how animals really think.

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